Spectrum and AO Labs Join Forces

Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Strategy and Digital Transformation are tossed around, but how do they deliver benefit to businesses?

Spectrum and AO Labs see that businesses don’t always have the technical expertise in-house to get started on their journey, or the time needed to get their staff trained. That resource constraint is in fact one of the biggest challenges and it just makes sense to do it together.

Spectrum are specialists in technology, finding value in integrating these into both cloud and on premise customer’s environments. AO Labs have the skills and real world experience in implementing the right operational practices and processes for many NZ organisations at scale. Joining forces means we can cover the whole DevOps Spectrum which just makes sense.

“A missing piece for AO Labs was the expertise and solutions to support legacy systems” says Jef Vratny, Managing Director of AO Labs. “Spectrum, being one of New Zealand’s top Enterprise Consulting and Managed Services companies, offers that missing capability.”

Anton Aalders, CTO of Spectrum views that “as Digital Transformation becomes key for more and more businesses, the desire to adopt DevOps practices and tools is essential. For many, critical legacy systems are a handbrake but remain central to this transformation. Spectrum with AO Labs provides the solutions and expertise needed to adapt and face into these systems whilst moving towards adoption of modern practices. With AO Labs, we expand our reach and capabilities in this area ensuring that the people and processes are addressed which is the hardest part”

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be spent by organisations adopting and implementing DevOps. Often these efforts fail to deliver the desired business outcomes. Therefore, I am pleased to welcome AO Labs to the Spectrum Group of companies, as they make it easier to focus on the right priorities for our customers,” says Grant McKenzie, CEO of Spectrum.

“One common reason DevOps transformations struggle is because they dive straight into the tools. The real starting point is understanding, considering, and making practice changes. We can now offer these businesses our joint expertise to meet this challenge” says Patrick Brennan, Technical Director of AO Labs.

“The partnership is an extremely important part of our ongoing growth strategy. Our focus is on ensuring that we deliver value for our customers. Spectrum’s investment in this partnership shows a real commitment to our vision and the goals we’re trying to achieve” says Vratny.

Businesses are going through an unprecedented shift to Digital. With that, their applications and data have become the new levers for meeting customer needs, for growth, for innovation. We need to be strategically minded to truly be at the forefront of helping enterprises address this shift. We enable them to consume services on-demand in the cloud and deliver the data access, protection and mobility they need. This has them become more responsive and agile in their business strategy and execution.