Spectrum & AO Labs open Wellington

Spectrum and AO Labs announced today the opening of a new office and their expansion into Wellington. Spectrum along with one of their group of companies AO Labs, say their presence will provide local Wellington businesses with greater access to its industry-leading data management expertise to drive excellence in their Digital and DevOps strategies.

Grant McKenzie, Spectrum CEO and AO Labs Director, said, “Wellington has long been a key market for us, as local businesses and government agencies continue to go through their digital transformation journeys and digitise their workloads, they are demanding world-leading expertise. Businesses today need access to data and insights to better manage processes and enable a higher quality of service.”

With the opening of the Wellington office, Spectrum can further meet the growing demand from New Zealand government agencies and organisations who are going through an unprecedented shift to Digital.  As applications and data become the new levers for meeting customer needs for growth and innovation, Spectrum empower clients to truly be at the forefront of helping enterprises address this shift.

“We enable them to consume services on-demand in the cloud and deliver the data access, protection and mobility they need. This allows organisations to become more responsive and agile in their business strategy and execution. We are very excited for this next step for Spectrum and AO Labs, and are looking forward to the opportunities ahead,” continued McKenzie.

The Wellington office will be headed by McKenzie himself. Grant will work with the company’s existing customer base, as well as be charged with further expanding Spectrum’s presence within the region. Some of the Auckland based Technical team didn’t want to be left out and are shifting to Wellington. Spectrum is also looking for local Wellington talent to join the growing technical team.

About Spectrum and AO Labs

Spectrum are  specialists in enterprise technology, finding value and integrating both cloud and on premise customer’s environments. AO Labs have a long pedigree of transforming business to automate and optimise their IT processes, applications and infrastructure.

Spectrum and AO Labs see that businesses don’t always have the technical expertise in-house to get started on their journey, or the time needed to get their staff trained. Working together alongside our clients, we can remove key constraints and focus on adding real value to our clients business.

To find out more about how Spectrum and AO Labs can assist on digital transformation please

See Grant on LinkedIn | Email Grant - grant@sc.nz | www.sc.nz | www.aolabs.nz