Spectrum enables businesses agility with data agility - Enterprise Data as a Service. We leverage public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate testing for DevOps. This also improves SLAs for backup and disaster recovery and drill down and reduce cost and complexity.

We enable users to access data as they are used to with applications and infrastructure. Quite simply; as a service, available instantly, anywhere, and on demand.

EDaaS enables the build of higher quality applications faster

  • Test data instantly available to developers
  • Improve business resiliency and availability
  • Accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud architectures
  • Service many other enterprise use cases

Why EDaaS?

Traditional approaches are designed up from the infrastructure layer, rather than down from the applications that power the business.

Make you data agile and work for you and remove the old problems.

No More...

Support teams waiting days or weeks to get data to test against

Backups for large databases and applications don’t complete in the backup window

Missed SLAs from recovering applications taking too long

Initiatives derailed because it’s too hard to move large data sets

Out of control storage costs

Complexity from too many disparate tools for backup, ,snapshots, replication, deduplication, cloning...

Teams hoarding copies of old data, creating compliance and security risks.

Enterprise Data-as-a-Service capabilities overcomes these challenges. Data virtualization software manages and provides virtual point-in-time copies of application data, instantly, on-premises, or in a public, private or hybrid cloud.

one platform, one subscription


  • Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Long-term data retention (vaulting), 
  • Test Data Management (TDM) for application development or DevOps,
  • Analytics, Business Intelligence or Data Warehousing, or 
  • Migrating data and workloads between infrastructure resources.

Satisfy all these requirements with one platform, one subscription, whether it’s used in multiple public clouds, private data centers, remote offices or onsite.

What makes Spectrum Different?

Quite simply, our approach along with our partners to manage, protect and deliver your data needs is unique. We have the experience in the market that has enabled us to build a set of solutions and technologies developed by managing data for some of the New Zealand's largest enterprise customers and service providers.

Among data management solutions, only Spectrum is:

  • Agile – Providing instant access to data, anywhere
  • Resilient – With data protection built right in instead of bolted on
  • Independent – Meaning no vendor lock-in: on the box or in the cloud
  • Secure – Hardened for enterprise security and governance
  • Scalable – From a single application to a global enterprise