The Power Systems Server platform is an extensive family of servers.

This delivers significantly more performance and capacity than competitive UNIX or x86-based systems. The Power systems platform facilitates limitless Virtualisation capabilities that automatically flow system resources to the workloads that need them and build in resiliency without downtime, maintaining higher availability.

Spectrum are specialists in IBM Power Systems for small and large organisations throughout the country, helping reduce the cost and complexity of their IT infrastructure. Even today, we are the leading advisers in systems design, implementation and support for Power systems, specialising in IBM Power Unix, running AIX and IBM i operating systems.

We are a strategic IBM Power Systems Business Partner for our clients and bring skills to help design, implement complex virtualised infrastructure that supports critical enterprise applications.

Spectrum's consultants can assist you with systems design, implementation and support. These services help ensure that you deploy new applications in terms of hours or days, rather than weeks.

Want more for less?

Recently, as part of their OpenPOWER initiative, IBM has opened up their IP.

Through the licensing initiative the Power Platform other companies are using it to design servers employed in cloud data centers. Google and NVIDIA are among many other industry leaders on board this initiative. 

Cloud services and their technology providers can now redesign chips and circuit boards - optimising the interactions of microprocessors, memory, networking, data storage and other components. This allows the construction of servers that are custom-tuned for their applications.

The OpenPOWER initiative also takes advantage of the Linux OS (industry standard Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu distributions), which has become the operating system of choice for a number of experts.

Spectrum has a long standing expertise in all things POWER and using Linux on OpenPOWER, we bring big enterprise level computing capabilities at a very cost-efficient price-point to businesses of all sizes in the country. The OpenPOWER opportunity levels the playing field and removes barriers to access technology, allowing you to build new solutions on an open platform. The Spectrum team can help you build customised systems around your data-intensive workloads.

SAP HANA on Power

SAP HANA on Power yields up-to-the-second insights – and with significantly lower operational costs than x86.



Take advantage of out-of-the-box virtualization, flexible scaling, high RAS, and high throughput.

Running multiple SAP HANA instances on one system can improve your security, resource sharing, scalability and workload isolation. By Gaining faster business processes, IT transactions are simplified allowing you to predict and analyze simultaneously. 


Gain faster business processes, simplify IT transactions and predict and analyze simultaneously. Move beyond traditional boundaries to deliver new levels of service, integrate partners and gain actionable insight with a solution that fits your unique needs.