INSUFFICIENT data can lead to poor testing

Inefficient provisioning and poor quality data for testing has caused numerous and costly delays in the DevOps lifecycle across organisations.

We help IT teams under pressure for continuous delivery with their test data management - easily provisioned, realistic test data delivered as soon as needed. Spectrum helps clients realise a Test Data Management approach that turns weeks-long data provisioning times down to self-service data in seconds and delivers projects on time, in budget.

Achieve higher quality testing regimes, faster delivery and business acceptance of your projects.

Want higher quality test data?

Data Masking

Sometimes the best data is your own data - and copying from production has just what you need. But using direct copies of production data is a security, regulation and audit risk. That's where data masking comes in, allowing you to replace personally identifiable information with fictitious but production-like data. 

Spectrum partners with the world's leading data masking providers and offers complete data masking solutions that cater for both on premise and cloud-based data masking.

Data Masking allows organisations to protect sensitive data

It also minimises the risk of data breaches, while using a near identical production data set in test and development environments.

Our Data Masking solutions allow you to achieve the security and value of data masking, reduce the threat of internal and external breaches and enable secure use and copy provisioning. This lets companies address data compliance and regulatory constraints as well as handle data sovereignty issues.

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